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I sought Keri’s help when I wanted to ensure that I never was tempted to smoke again.
I had tried several times to quit but the lure of sunshine and the occasional cold wine meant I was always pulled back year after year undoing all the hard work I’d done.
I was determined not to do the same this year.

Keri took her time to listen whilst I explained my goals. She was non judgemental and professional at all times.

She put me in a state of deep relaxation, in which I felt in very safe hands. I’m not even sure what was said, but whatever it was - it worked. The temptation to have a cigarette has gone completely. (It has been 5 months).

I cannot recommend Keri highly enough. She’s positively impacted my health and confidence.


Keri is a very personable, warm, open communicator and she listened and ‘got’ what I was saying. 


The hypnotherapy experience was very relaxing and has really helped me move towards my goals.  I would recommend her services to help others achieve their goals!


Keri is a very personable, warm and open communicator. She listened and ‘got’ what I was saying. The hypnotherapy experience was very relaxing and not only helped me achieve my initial goal, but also helped me realise and recognise a larger more fundamental issue I have been carrying around with me! I would recommend her services to help others achieve their goals!

I would highly recommend Yellow Door Hypnotherapy to anyone who is wanting to have Hypnotherapy. Keri listens attentively and then tailors all content to the clients requirements. I feel that is why it works so quickly and so well. Keri is very personable and very professional.

I was depressed, stressed had lost my confidence and thought I had the onset of dementia when I had my first session with Keri at Yellow Door.  She listened without judgement, empathised and said she would be able to help me, be me again.

After the consultation she did a mini hypnotherapy session and I left feeling better already!

I was booked in for the following week and have been going once a week concentrating on the different symptoms that I was suffering due to peri- menopause.

Keri’s suggestion work has enabled me to feel myself again, I am now happy, confident and the brain fog has lifted.


Keri at Yellow Door Hypnotherapy put so much time, thought and effort into every session I had with her.


I felt she went above and beyond to understand me and tailor the sessions to me as well as the welcoming and comfortable environment.    

And most importantly the sessions really really helped me.


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