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New Clients

Every new client session begins with a consultation and an introduction to hypnotherapy.


This is where I talk about the benefits of hypnotherapy and answer any questions you may have.  We fill out a new client intake form that addresses the specific changes in lifestyle and behaviours you want to make, so I have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of all your goals. We end the session with an agreed treatment plan.


Every consultation ends with a taster hypnotherapy session that allows all new clients to experience hypnosis so that they can come to their next hypnotherapy appointment confidently, without any nerves and prepared.  My clients invariably leave this session feeling relaxed, happy and ready to make the changes they have decided to make. 


This session lasts 90 minutes and costs £95

New Clients
Get ME Back

Get ME Back

Part of life’s journey includes significant transitions and adapting to changes within ourselves and our surrounding environment. Some of those are down to decisions we have deliberately taken and others have been forced upon us by external factors beyond our control.


After having my three children, I realised that my long career as a Producer no longer worked alongside having a young family. With reluctance, I therefore gave up a job and flourishing career that I loved.  We all consider our jobs, to some degree, to be significant parts of our identities and as a result, I struggled to fully let go of my old life straightaway and lacked a clear sense of purpose for a few years afterwards.

Get ME back is all about reducing and letting go of all those things that are standing in your way.  These include anxiety, depression, a loss of confidence, self sabotage, repetitive negative behaviours, those pesky phobias and the lost part of you that used to be so happy and confident.

Thanks to hypnotherapy, it's easy to re-discover the best parts of you and bring them back into the present. You will leave these sessions smiling and well, feeling like ‘You’ again.

These sessions last 1 hour and cost £85.

Keri is a very personable, warm and open communicator. She listened and ‘got’ what I was saying. The hypnotherapy experience was very relaxing and not only helped me achieve my initial goal, but also helped me realise and recognise a larger more fundamental issue I have been carrying around with me! I would recommend her services to help others achieve their goals!


Breaking Bad Habits

No one’s perfect! Everyone has something they want to change about themselves, whether that’s eating too much, smoking, biting / picking their nails, being addicted to that little blue screen, drinking more than just the 'odd glass'…….you get the gist!

Our unconscious, emotional mind stores up these bad habits and usually triumphs over the logical part of our brain every time. 

With these sessions we tackle these destructive and negative behaviours at their core. The transformation feels so natural that you'll find it hard to believe that bad habit ever existed! For those deeply-ingrained habits, we explore inner conflict resolution.  The only thing you need to bring to a session is simply your own desire to change.

The best feedback is when a client says “Yeah, I’m not sure if it was the hypnotherapy but I haven’t done that for 7 weeks now……”

When you’re finally ready to break your bad habit, book an appointment.  

Breaking Habits
Give up Smoking

2 x 1 hour Session (Includes Consultation) £185

Smokers all know that smoking is not good for them and is affecting their health in a negative way.  But, for some reason, it feels impossible to give up.  But I'll let you into a secret. Despite what all the TV ads say, nicotine addiction is a myth. It's the habit you need to break.


Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective at helping to change your mindset and transforming you into a sweet-smelling, non-smoker for good.

At Yellow Door Hypnotherapy I run my 'Quit Smoking' sessions differently to other hypnotherapists as I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to changing habitual behaviours.


Your session takes place across two days. On day 1, we spend time digging into the when, where and why around your smoking habit. Once I've gathered this critical information, I then tailor the hypnotherapy session on Day 2 to incorporate and combat your own individual smoking triggers alongside your desire to become a non-smoker. 

Weight Management

6 x 1 hour sessions (Includes Consultation) £500

We can all go on a diet and lose weight but most of us put it all back on (and some more) again afterwards. Hypnotherapy can help you to change not only the way you think about food but it can also help you to put in place good eating habits instead of crash dieting.

Yellow Door Weight Management consists of six sessions that focus on underlying reasons behind any weight gain but then help you to build up your inner confidence, enabling you to lose weight for good.  

Sessions are spread over 5 weeks and the final one is spaced a month later, just to give you the final boost you may need!

The Big M Project

The Big M Project

The menopause is a completely natural phase in our lives, just like puberty. Some women pass through it with minimal symptoms (lucky things!), whilst others experience intense and frequent symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, depression, loss of confidence and the dreaded 'brain fog'.

If you're finding the symptoms of peri-menopause on your health and relationships unmanageable, hypnotherapy has been shown to be particularly effective in helping women with the reduction of hot flushes, weight control, sleep issues, confidence, stress, anxiety and lifting that dreaded feeling of doom. 


For those women who have gone into peri-menopause prematurely, I can help you to come to terms with your loss as well as dealing with any symptoms you are experiencing.

At Yellow Door Hypnotherapy I also look to re-frame how my clients view this period of their lives. Personally, I think it’s great that the conversation around the 'Big M' is out there - if we all fear it and suffer in silence then it's not going to help us get through it.  Using hypnotherapy, I help you to think positively about the menopause, embracing this new phase of your life and celebrating the new freedoms that come with it. 


 These sessions last 1 hour and cost £85.

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